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Laminate Flooring

Laminated wood flooring is a synthetic flooring product, it comprises of several core layers of hardwearing, high-density fibreboard that resembles wooden planks with a realistic wood photo layer under a clear protective layer. 

Today’s advanced technologies mean the best laminate floors are made to look exactly like real timber, with a wide variety of grains, styles and stains. Some ranges even have the texture of grains and knots embossed, replicating the feel of real wood.

The Floor Store Quickstep laminate flooring collections typically come with a 25-year Residential Wear Warranty. When installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, laminate flooring lasts well beyond the average time that home owners spend in a property before moving.

Regular sweeping with a microfibre mop or soft indoor broom and the occasional once-over with a damp mop is all that is needed to keep your laminate floors looking beautiful. Also, no sanding, oiling, lacquering or resurfacing of the floor is required. This makes laminate a hassle free option for busy households and those seeking a low maintenance home.

Laminate Flooring


  • Natural look & feel. With their authentic and   natural wood design our laminate floors will make   your home unique.Scratch & stain resistant   
  •     The Scratch and Stain Guard-technology allows you to live your life carefree.100% watertight
  •  Sustainable design in your home? With its HydroSeal-coating your laminate floors are easy to maintain and have a fully waterproof surface.
Laminate Flooring

What are the benefits of laminate flooring?

Everyone loves the natural beauty of a timber floor, but not the price tag that comes with it. Laminate flooring offers you the real look of timber flooring at a fraction of the price.

Scratch, fade, dent and stain resistant, also hygienic, easy to clean and low maintenance makes laminate a great choice for family homes.

Laminate wood floors are floating floors. They are laid loose over a moisture resistant underlay; this means there is no specific subfloor it must be laid on. As long as the sub-floor is flat, dry, clean and stable laminate can be laid over existing floors.

Laminate is installed by clicking or snapping together the planks. This makes for a quick and simple installation that can be DIY.

Laminate wood flooring is ideal for high foot traffic areas of the home, kitchens, living rooms, entrances and hallways. It is especially good for areas where there is indoor outdoor flow as less debris is tracked inside than if carpet were laid down.

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