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The secret to a soft, plush and luxurious feeling underfoot is underlay. Not only does it make your carpet feel better underfoot but it also acts as a shock absorber, noise and thermal insulator. Underlay also prolongs the life of your carpet and will help you clean you carpet more efficiently. With underlay there are two indicators of comfort, thickness and density.

Dunlop Carpet Cushion is made in New Zealand using our world-leading Maxbond™ cushioning system. We only use high quality materials and processes that guarantee the best comfort per kilo of foam is delivered to ensure long lasting comfort. Featuring advanced proven technology certified for peace of mind. Simply the best choice for your carpet’s comfort, performance, and life. Not all carpet underlays are created equal. No other manufacturer takes their product design as seriously as we do. Advanced underfoot comfort guaranteed for the life of your carpet

Dunlop Dreamwalk™ Carpet Cushion is guaranteed for the life of the carpet. All Dreamwalk products include Health+ antimicrobial protection proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould, mildew and dustmites for a healthier home.

Dreamwalk Black Label

Luxurious comfort underfoot. Guaranteed. Featuring Dunlop’s MaxbondTM advanced cushioning system, DreamwalkTM Black Label is a high performing plush formulation and features Health-PlusTM protection providing the best comfort possible.


Dreamwalk Red

Featuring Dunlop’s MaxbondTM advanced cushioning system, DreamwalkTM Red is a medium density carpet cushion and features Health-PlusTM protection to enhance the life of your carpet.


Rhino Platinum Carpet Cushion

Thicker, denser, plusher and extremely comfortable underfoot. Featuring a cushioned double laminated system, sumptuous comfort foams, Health-PlusTM protection and Dunlop’s MaxbondTM advanced cushioning system, providing simply the best all round performance and feel. Learn about our Rhino Carpet here.

Product Features

–  Cushioned double laminate system

–  Extra thick, plush feelSpecial blend of high performance comfort foams

–  Extra thick, plush feel

–  Superb acoustic and thermal properties

–  Health-Plus antimicrobial protection

–  Allergy friendly

–  New Zealand made



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