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Vinyl Planking

Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles (LVT) are a relatively new technology in vinyl flooring.  Made up of multiple layers starting with a base of PVC, topped with a fill layer for thickness and dimensional stability. Overtop of this lays a photographic image that replicates the wood, ceramic and stone designs.  On top of this photographic print, a clear vinyl wear layer is applied to protect the plank or tile for durability.

At the Floor Store we offer a range of different vinyl tiles & planks, helping you to create a space of elegance on a budget.

Chat to the highly knowledgeable team at The Floor Store Hamilton for expert tips on luxury vinyl flooring.

Vinyl Planking
Vinyl Planking

What are the benefits of LVT flooring?

Thinner and lighter than timber, ceramic tiles and laminate, LVT combines the natural look of real wood or stone flooring and is warmer, quieter and softer underfoot and can be installed where natural products wouldn’t be suitable.

LVT is a popular flooring option offering the visual appeal of more expensive floating floors for a fraction of the cost helping you achieve realistic timber or stone look floors.

LVT offers a level of customisation that sheet vinyl cannot. With it being individual planks it is possible to lay the planks on a 45-degree angle or to use them in a boarder fashion.

LVT flooring is very easy to keep clean with regular sweeping, vacuuming and damp mopping, making it a hassle free option for busy households and those seeking a low maintenance home.

Malmo Scandia Fredrekstand
Art Select Stamford
Malmo Scandia Vaster
Vinyl Planking In Apartment
Vinyl Planking In Home
Vinyl Planking In House
Karndean Opus Bathstone


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