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Mood Boards

Date: 1 Jul 2022

Flooring these days comes with all sorts of benefits – warmth, insulation, softness, durability, fade or stain resistance, and more. It can be the foundation of a decorating plan, inspiring other ideas. Or, it can be selected to complement existing walls and furnishings. Above all, the flooring you choose should reflect your personality and bring comfort to your home.

When planning your “look”, it’s important to have a basic knowledge of how colour, texture, and pattern can work. Although there are no absolute “rules” that govern these considerations, we can help narrow down your choices with practical design and decorating advice.

We recommend you start with the floor and build your colours around the flooring.
As you begin to research, you’ll find yourself drawn to certain shades that
make you feel comfortable. It’s these colours that really define your personal
style and make it your own.

Choose your flooring before selecting your paint, wallpaper and furnishings as the floor is the biggest investment and hardest and most expensive to change if you get it wrong.  The colours in your carpet or hard flooring can inspire the rest of our colour scheme.

When choosing flooring – treat the floor colour as the foundation of your palette. You can’t go wrong with natures tones which also create an atmosphere of quiet warmth: soft browns, greys, oak, ash and honey tones all work well with other hues.

And finally, be sure to colour test your flooring sample by daylight as well as by
artificial light at night. Colour changes dramatically when flooded with
sunlight or lit by lamps. Our team make up mood boards to help create a pallet of colours and can help you make your own!

Mood Boards