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Renovation Time!

Date: 1 Jun 2022

You may have noticed that our store is looking a little different! In July 2021 our staff
underwent the huge task of renovating our show room! Out was the old grey
exterior walls, the old worn out awnings and the crowded back showroom.

From April of 2021 we set a plan. An extraordinary task of repainting, cleaning and moving
large stands to create our perfect showroom.

We spent many late nights after work painting stands and walls leading up to July, where
we closed the store to the public for Four full days, as we completed our work!

Everyone chipped in for the long days, including our suppliers and friends. Now we have
a visually beautiful showroom that everyone in our store has been proudly apart
of creating.

Now, you might be thinking why we have chosen to complete this renovation, and it’s not just because we needed a facelift. We know that it can be an overwhelming
process going into a flooring store, especially for the first time! So we
really wanted to make the experience as simple as possible and remove some of
the confusion for our Clients.

We wanted to make our store feel homely and create an environment where our customers are able to see the product on the
floor and visualise it in their own home. Our store has chosen to put the most
popular flooring as large samples on the floor, to help Customers visualise
what it will look like on their own floors!

We have also categorised our products in our showroom, making it easily distinguishable for our clients to know what they are and where they are!

We have had a lot of positive feedback from customers who have experienced our stores
new look. If you haven’t done already, pop in and check it out for yourself!

Renovation Time!